Other Worlds


WELCOME.                     Breathe In.

Take one deep breath.....  breathe out.....  take another breath in......  Breathe out

Other World Manifesto

1   construct abstract knowledge from experiences. Incorporate new experiences into an existing framework and change that framework. New understanding Notice events,..... misunderstand, decide. Contrast, experiences... contradict internal representations, ...............reframe one's mental representation of the external world to fit new experiences. ...... refusing to understand in the conventional way.


Disintegrating definitions of missing words



2   * ''the mechanism by which failure leads to learning: when the world operates in a way that violates our expectations, we often fail, but we learn from the experience of failure''.

3   See the space between.

4   See reflections. Look at things backwards. Read only every third word in a given sentence.

5   Listen carefully for the sound that is coming from the greatest distance from where I am.

6   A sea of boundless possibility. Many are born , and many fade back into nothingness.

My thoughts and observations.

1  ''Abstraction, simplification, left ambiguous, vague, or undefined;'' ..........I wish to delineate abstract things from concrete things.

Life on many levels, ways of seeing on many levels.

In dreams. ........''a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions''.

the vividness of dream imagery, colors and emotions

Some times ..... bewildered, frightened amused.

dreams are ignored in mundanity........... the banal is often ignored by my dreams.


Images, text and audio: Andrew Pearson c2010


Dolly Parton comes to town


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Appropriations: Jean-Paul Sartre. Albert Camus.   Bardo Thodol. 

Other found scrambled text.

 * ''The Teaching Continuum: The Wheel for Effective and Efficient Learning''  Emory Giles ’Existentialism’’ From Wikipedia

Definitions of missing words.

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